White PVC or Pre-Pinted RFID / Smart Cards / Contactless Cards
White PVC or Pre-Pinted RFID / Smart Cards / Contactless Cards RFID / Smart Cards / Contactless Cards Cards Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor Printing, Services | MULTI CARD
RFID/Smart Cards/Contactless Cards - White PVC or Pre-Pinted RFID/Smart Cards/Contactless Cards
We are capable of printing RFID/Smart Cards/Contactless Cards in our factory. Whether it is a generic design or personalized Non-Fading Photo-ID RFID/Smart Cards/Contactless Cards, we can print up to 4,000 pcs in 24 hours!

Our printing of RFID/Smart Cards/Contactless Cards are Non-Fading type. Most suppliers use Thermal Card Printer or Re-Transfer Card Printer to print on blank white RFID/Smart Cards/Contactless Cards and these method of printing will not last as they are exposed with almost non protective layer. Within a few months, most of the printing will fade off.
Our method is similar to printing membership cards and they are fully laminated and we guarantee that the printing will not fade at all! We can do this for Photo-ID Cards as well!

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