Blank white RFID / Smart Cards / Contactless Cards
Blank white RFID / Smart Cards / Contactless Cards RFID / Smart Cards / Contactless Cards Cards Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor Printing, Services | MULTI CARD
MULTI CARD is capable of manufacturing blank white RFID/Smart Cards/Contactless Cards  at our factory.
The blank white PVC RFID/Smart Cards/Contactless Cards can have the following options.
  • with or without serial number printed.
  • with or without pre-printed design on the card similar to Touch n' Go Cards.
  • with extras like barcode, Magnetic Stripe, Hot-Stamping, Signature Panels, etc...
  • With personalized Photo and details (Photo-ID Cards) - Non Fading Type

Special Introductory Price!
We are offering special introductory price as follows :-
  • 100 to 999 pcs - RM3.00/each
  • 1000 to 2,999 pcs - RM2.50/each
  • 3,000 or more - RM2.00/each.
  • 5,000 or more - RM1.80/each
  • Or We will MATCH any price! Just shown us the proof!

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