Non-Fade ID
Non-Fade ID Non-Fade ID Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor Printing, Services | MULTI CARD
We are capable of printing the following Non-Fading Photo-Id Cards :-
  • PVC materials similar to Credit Card, ATM Cards, Jusco Cards, etc...
  • Non-Fading Photo-ID Cards
  • Non-Fading RFID/Smart Cards/Contactless Cards (Generic Design)
  • Non-Fading RFID/Smart Cards/Contactless Photo-ID Cards (Individual Photo and Name....)
  • Non-Fading Proximity Cards (Generic Design)
  • Mon-Fading proximity Photo-ID Cards (Individual Photo and Name....)
  • and we can print for any quantity, even 1 piece and up to thousands.....
  • and we can deliver up to 4K pcs in 24 hours!
  • Best quality! Gurantee! See our samples to believe it!
Our price for printing NON-FADING
Photo-ID Cards starts from
RM2.00/each onwards....
Proof to us if you can get a better price and we will match the price but the quality must be PVC and not using paper laminator type of lamination! See our quality at our factory!
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