Polaroid P4000e Duplex Printer with Combination Card Encoder
Polaroid P4000e Duplex Printer with Combination Card Encoder Card Printer Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor Printing, Services | MULTI CARD
Product Description
P4000E Dual-sided ID card printer (usb) w/ mag stripe encoder and SCM smart card encoder (contact chip & RFID/Smart Cards/Contactless Cards/Desfire/iClass)
For ID Card programs that require more advanced options and greater production capacity from their printer, Polaroid's P4000E Simplex Card Printer with Mag Strip Encoder is the answer. The Polaroid P4000E Simplex brings you single-sided printer options , a Bi-directional USB or Bi-directional USB and Ethernet connection with LCD Display for networking requirements, a full range of bar code options, optional locking input hoppers, and simple-to-use custom supplies.
  • Dual-Sided printing with manual operator flip
  • Edge to Edge High Quality Printing
  • Color or Monochrome Printer Option
  • Up to 190 printed Single-Side Color Cards/Hour
  • Up to 1000 printed Monochrome Cards/Hour
  • USB Connectivity Standard
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