Polaroid P2500S ID Card Printer w Mag Encoder
Polaroid P2500S ID Card Printer w Mag Encoder Card Printer Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor Printing, Services | MULTI CARD
Polaroid's most affordable Magnetic Stripe Encoding , Single-Feed Id Card Printer to date
The single feed Polaroid P2500S id card printer allows you to print customized cards quickly and easily.
Single feed for on-demand applications
The Polaroid p2500s photo id card printer features single card feed that allows you to produce a personalized id card on demand in minutes. This new Polaroid printer offers edge-to-edge and sharp image quality for simple and easy card printing in a very compact and highly reliable package. Perfect fo Health Clubs
Robust, compact and portable
The Polaroid P2500S printer’s intuitive light and compact design makes it easy to transport to any location or event and placed on any counter or desktop.
Now with rewrite feature
The Polaroid P2500S ID card printer now features the ability to write and erase rewritable cards, at no extra cost. Unlike some other id card printers which do rewrite only, the Polaroid P2500S does both rewrite and normal full color printing.
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