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For a very minimal investment you can experience the benefits of a professional membership card program and expand from there. Let us supply you with professional printed cards and grow with you while your business increases.
Plastic Membership Cards : A Priceless Tool
    * Proven to increase your sales
    * A Solution that fits your business
    * Strong track record of success
    * We go the extra mile for your cards
We can now produce up to 4,000 pcs of Pre-Printed Plastic Cards in 24 hours without compromising on quality and durability! This we guarantee! We will replace any defective cards free of charge!
Want actual proof of your design?
Want to see proof before actual production? No worry. Give us your artwork and we will come out with actual sample plastic card proof for your approval within 1  to 2 hours! We charge a minimum amount for the actual proof and upon approval, we will fully reimburse the amount from your deposit. That mean it is FREE actual plastic card proof! We can also instantly print on our raw materials (no lamination) for you to see the color printout at no charges at all! YOU ONLY HAVE TO WAIT LESS THAN 5 MINUTES! Come to our factory and see your printout and see if you are satisfied with the result!
Our Guarantee!
We want to be as competitive in the market as we can. So if you can proof to us of a better pricing else where, we will either MATCH the price or lower. This is to satisfy our customers who are looking for faster delivery, better quality and better pricing without compromising on quality!
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